5 comments on “Installing Games to the HDD with NXE2GOD

  1. You can’t run GOD installs from a USB drive.

    “Basically there are 2 ways to store games on your 360.

    GOD (games on demand) packages, they’re a bunch of 170MB files that make up the game. GOD packages can only be on your internal HDD right now. You can install them by using NXE dashboard to install the game (if you have the game on disc) to the hard drive. After you rip it to your internal HDD, you run NXE2GOD to remove the disc check, or you can use Iso2god, in which case you do not need to use nxe2god. GODs are cleaner in that they show up in your NXE dash and are like games you bought from Xbox Live.

    Directory rips from the DVD. Basically the default.xex and the files in a directory are ripped from a disc or .iso using Xbox Backup Creator. These can be stored on the internal HDD or external USB drive. Usually stored in HDD:\Games or USB:\Games\Forza, example: HDD:\Games\Forza 3. These will have to be launched from a launcher app like FreestyleDash or XeXMenu by running “default.xex” or you can create a QuickBoot shortcut, so that thay can be launched from the regular dash.”

    Edited quote from kaymm2 on xbox-scene

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