9 comments on “Installing XeXMenu

  1. I don’t know why the creators of this fine tool failed to include simple installation instructions.

    Thanks for this; the XEXLoader to XEXMenu update is where I was stuck.

  2. I mean to say that it runs the games which are available in Pakistan and also the dvd-r and dvd+r but it doesn’t run the xex loader cd which burned and tried to run .I hope this time you understand my question. Simply i want to run xex loader cd on my xbox 360 but doesn’t run it can you help me run xex loader cd on my xbox

  3. Hey, sorry I haven’t checked this blog in a while.

    To be able to run unsigned code such as XeXMenu or any other unofficial software, you will have to mod the box. Commonly referred to as the JTAG hack.

    Running backups of your games from DVD+R only requires the DVD drives firmware to be flashed.

    Retail games still run fine.

    You WILL be banned from XBox Live if you “JTAG” your 360.

    Think that should cover it lol 😉

  4. Hello, I’ve been following your install like the many others I have came across with no avail. All the steps I try don’t work. I tried installing in all different directories. I tried all dashes, tried to work with NANA flasher and all NOGO. What am I doing wrong? I am pretty sure I have a Falcon. My xbox plays backups and the M$ dash says its 2.0.9199 …the 9199 I thought meant it was JTAG’d but I believe I am wrong ….at least people with said JTAG’d boxes work with no probs. XeXmenu does show up under memory settings when I go to delete it, however, under game library shows up for a millisecond before the M$ dash says there’s no games in the library. Is there a way to trick the dash by using a specific directory when installing on my USB with XTAF360Xplorer?
    I have the latest software and firmware I got from xbins, not really sure what’s best for me and what I am trying to do. I want to run emulators and homebrew and the XeXMenu so I can rip games via ftp to my computer then burn them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent countless hours doing research with no positive information which is helpful for this situation.


    • To use any of this stuff, your console must be “JTAG’d”. You would need to be 100% sure what mobo revision you have in order to do this hack, therefore I’m going to take you being “pretty sure” you have a falcon, to mean your console is not JTAG’d.

      In order to be able to JTAG a 360, it’s dash version must be 7371 or lower. You then install a *hacked version* of a newer dash, such as 9199.

      If you are already on a stock version of 9199, or anything above 7371, then there is no way for you to do the JTAG hack, and it is not possible to down-grade to 7371.

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