10 comments on “Lian Li XB-01 RF Extender

  1. I well want to do this, but could you put more details up on how you did it ????
    Like where to contact the mobo and stuff 😛 Cheers.
    Nice work by the way.

  2. ?? No contact to the mobo for this mod, just the 2 points on the RF module, as shown in the pics. Or do you mean the HDD mod?

  3. hi, sorry but i dont understand wath you did.
    you just get a antenna from a router, solder two points like in pics. and you have wifi conection in youre xbox 360 ?

  4. I added that antenna to improve the RF signal for wireless devices, like joypads, wheels, mics.

    I had to do it because the Lian Li case acts like a Faraday cage, so I would get controller disconnects quite often.

    So while it is the antenna from a wifi router, it is not being used for wifi.

  5. thanks for posting this, i saw this here and at xbox-scene.
    i have the same stupid/awesome case and was looking for a good solution to the 3ft controller range.

    • It stopped them losing connection all the time, but the range is not great. Luckily my front room is tiny (maybe that’s not so lucky lol) so it’s not an issue. Never got around to improving the antenna.

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