22 comments on “Kinect Calibration Card

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  2. Hey just wanted to say thanks,
    i bought my kinect on craigslist without kinect adventures and not knowing the setup/card was in the game package

  3. Is this the same card that has the two free games on it? Gun something and fruit ninja (I think)…. we lost ours and now don’t get the two free downloadable games.

    • No mate, this is the original card, and came out long before those games. Also, does it look like there is any free shit on it?

  4. I have just treid to print on an A4 and it came to large – i tried other options and it comes up much larger over to pages even with fit to page – how do you get the correct dimentions ?

    • To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever actually tried to print this myself.

      What application are you using to print it?

      Have you told your printer to print at 300dpi?

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